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Proven Virginia Lawyer Works Hard for Personal Injury Victims

Knowledgeable advocate handles a full range of negligence claims

Asserting your legal rights effectively after you’ve suffered a personal injury requires the right attorney. At Omyx Law, PLC in Vienna, Virginia, we provide this type of comprehensive counsel to negligence victims throughout the state. Attorney Phil Hagan is a strategic advocate who has an extensive background in the valuation of legal claims. Drawing on that knowledge, we won’t let defendants and insurance companies get away with weak settlements. Rather, we make sure that you understand the damages you can obtain for medical costs, lost wages and other types of harm caused by a careless person or business. From there, we pursue maximum compensation in cases involving toxic exposures, auto and truck accidents, falls, wrongful death and other instances of negligence.

Experienced litigator has over 30 years experience helping injured parties

Clients rely on us for strong personal injury advocacy and refer us to others because our legal representation is:

  • Trustworthy — You can depend on our firm’s ability to conduct a thorough review of key case facts and develop a strategy that serves your best interests.
  • Aggressive — We don’t wait for the best offer to arrive on our doorstep but use our detailed knowledge of insurance company practices to press for a suitable resolution.
  • Skillful — Our firm understands the legal and practical considerations necessary to maximize your chance for a successful outcome.

If you’ve suffered accident injuries, don’t be intimidated into giving up your rights. We offer a free initial consultation and keep you aware of case developments every step of the way. Whether your matter is resolved in court or through settlement negotiations, we’ll represent you with the professionalism and determination that you deserve.

Areas of Practice

Responsive firm assists with injury and wrongful death actions

Our firm litigates on behalf of injury victims and their families in cases relating to:

  • Personal injury — In personal injury actions, we find innovative ways to prove defendants’ liability and recover substantial damages.
  • Auto and truck accidents — We have detailed knowledge of laws pertaining to Virginia auto accidents. Our firm is also familiar with crashes involving garbage trucks or other commercial vehicles.
  • Toxic exposures — Whether from chemical or biological exposures, from mercury to formaldehyde, mold to bed bugs, there are very few toxic exposure situations where our 30 years of experience will not help us find a solution for you.
  • Slip and fall claims — Proving a slip and fall claim can be difficult under the state’s contributory negligence law. If a property owner or another liable party is trying to avoid their legal responsibility because they did not maintain their business properly, we will help you get what you deserve.
  • Wrongful death actions — If you are the beneficiary for a loved one who has died because of another person’s carelessness or intentional act, our firm can help with a wrongful death action to recover payment for funeral expenses, the loss of companionship, and income that your loved one would have earned.

Regardless of the particular circumstances in your matter, we will give you clear advice regarding your options and the potential consequences of each choice.


Contact an accomplished Virginia personal injury litigator for a free initial consultation

Omyx Law, PLC advocates for plaintiffs in all types of Virginia personal injury matters. Please call 833-245-6706 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office. And, we can even come to meet with you somewhere that makes it easy for you.

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